What does it cost and how do I book?

Weddings, I absolutly love them and always rock them but I also do private parties, corporate events, store opening’s, fashion shows you name it. If you need a great soundtrack to your event I’ll bring it. I’m available for all day or just evening events. I’m happy to meet you before booking (people usualy visit me at home to see how both me and my equipment work together) in fact I recommend it so we can get to know each other… I believe that anyone you involve in your big day should be someone you can sit down with, have a brew, have a natter and enjoy their company. If distance is an issue then we can Skype and discuss your requirements. All of this can be done prior to any booking – no obligation.

What are you paying for?

As with everything in life you get what you pay for but sometimes you get a lot more. Preparing the music for your wedding takes a lot of time and dedication and time-wise this far outweighs the all important hours that I will lovingly mix your tunes.

My price is here for all to see and is based on our experience and professionalism. Hire us for our years of experience and because I am the guy that you can trust to bring the party to your wedding.

From the beginning I wanted to keep this simple. No baffling price structures, no Gold, Silver & Bronze Packages and certainly no upselling. We have one price for a 4 hour performance and that’s what everyone pays. (Additional hours, travel costs and accommodation prices are listed below) Whether your wedding is in a 400 capacity marquee or is an intimate party for 50 in a room above a pub, the service I supply will always be the same. You’re booking me for my skill, experience and the time and energy I will put into preparing your music and playing it with loving hands on the day. You may have seen other companies give a package price and then upsell additional services or pieces of equipment – I don’t do that, I’m not an airline. You get extra leg room as standard with Speaker-Box. I will work out the right equipment for your venue and that’s what we’ll bring. Of course, I always bring my beloved Technics turntables. If your venue already has a PA sound system installed and they stipulate that the DJ has to use it, that’s fine. As long as it is suitable for a DJ performance and is high quality I’ll happily plug into it.


ADDITIONAL HOURS: If your party is for over 4 hours or if you would like a ‘Cocktail Hour’ to welcome your evening guests that’s great. We can DJ for as long as is required or setup early so we don’t interrupt your proceeding. We can also supply the sound system, microphone and background music for all day weddings.

I have 2 additional hourly rates: PERFORMANCE HOURS: £100 per hour. This is time that we are actually on the decks DJ’ing. NON PERFORMANCE HOURS: £25per hour. This is time that I’m at your venue after setting up. During this time the PA sound system can be used for speeches & background music. With these 2 different hourly rates I can create an ‘All Day’ package that meets your exact requirements and that reflects our involvement. I do not charge for setup or pack down time.

I’m more than happy to drive the length and breadth of the country but I only include free travel costs up to 50 miles radius of Bristol. Mileage is charged at 50p per mile thereafter. This simply covers fuel costs and is standard practice by most mobile DJ’s.

Call us on 07462 333 880 or email us today to make sure we get to DJ at your event, and as our testimonials prove, you will not be disappointed.