Packages, Prices and Booking

I try and keep my pricing simple and fair. I have a set fee for an event I don’t believe it’s fair to charge more for a Wedding than a Birthday for example just because Weddings usually have a larger budget and are seen as a licence to print money by some venues and suppliers. I put just as much effort into a Wedding in a pub as I do to one in a castle. I practice everyday and work hard to exceed all my clients expectations.

I completely understand that if it’s your 18th Birthday and you’ve got a mate who says they’ll have a go and DJ for £80 then I might not be the DJ for you.

My price to DJ is £395 for a 4 hour set or until 1am (whichever comes first)

I can come set up early and there is no extra charge for this I can also stay on sight if needed and leave the equipment setup with an Aux lead to enable any client to play back ground music through the equipment. I can also supply a mic if needed for the speeches or any other announcements. If I leave the venue during set up and playing I will not leave until I have shown someone responsible how to use the equipment.

I can play later or longer and for this I charge £100 per hour or part hour thereof. Ideally this should be discussed and arranged before the event.

When I’m booked to DJ I’m happy to use the venues sound system or bring my own. I will always bring everything I need to play an amazing set including my turntables, mixer speakers for monitoring the music and my PA system. I will work with every client before their event on their bespoke playlist for it. It will take me about an hour to set up the DJ and sound equipment.

The only other package I offer is exactly the same as above but I’ll also supply and set up 10 up-lights and a pair of incredible moving head lights on totems that can add a subtle lighting effect to your room or more of a full on club effect strobing and changing patterns and colours to the music. As previously mentioned the lighting can be set to match the colour scheme of the party. I know it’s not all about money but this is about £3000 worth of lighting.

The setting up of the DJ equipment and the lighting will take between 1.5 and 2 hours.

For this I charge £450.

When I have first contact from a perspective client, I check my diary and get back to them usually within 24 hours with the news if I’m free or not. If the date is free I will pencil the client in (as dates get booked up very quickly) and then give them first refusal on the date (under no obligation). I then offer all clients the chance to meet me in person this gives you the chance to form an opinion of me to have a chat about music and if at mine to listen to some tunes and see both I and the equipment works together again this meeting is under no obligation and I never ask for a yes or no there and then. I always ask clients to go away have a chat about it and get back to me at their convenience. The date will remain theirs until I hear from them. If someone else asks about the date during that time I will explain to the new client the position I’m in and endeavor to contact you before accepting any other booking.

If you decide to book I will email you a booking form and ask to be paid on or around the date of the event.

I realise that booking a DJ can be daunting and I’ll try and make the experience as relaxing as possible.