Speaker-Box was started in 2006 to cater for anyone having a party who wanted to hire a DJ and didn't want the typical mobile disco entertainer experience.

I work closely with venues and our clients to provide an experience more like a great house party.

I always mix live on turntables and stay off the mic.

My History

At school we used to share round mix tapes from the parties held by The Wild Bunch, FBI and Def-Con crews. This led to me wanting to learn to DJ myself. I saved for the next few years to buy my first pair of Technics 1200’s and three weeks later I was playing my first house party.

Since that first house party I have been Djing constantly becoming a weekly resident at Dojo’s nightclub where I was part of the team responsible for their longest running and most successful Hip Hop, Funk and Soul night. This included a residency with Jazzie B from Soul II Soul and Snowboy who both remain some of my DJing heroes. I also entered the odd DJ competition, presented a Funk and Rare Groove Show on local radio and played regular nights at Blue Mountain, Cafe Blue, The Thekla and The Square Bar among others.

Every day I’m on my turntables mixing, scratching and playing music. This gives me confidence when playing parties to relax and have fun whilst reading the crowd and building that all important atmosphere.

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What I Use

I use Serato Scratch Live with vinyl control this enables me to DJ exactly how I would in a club using my records, but now I can carry a far larger song library made up of many genres.

I find that the combination of this modern technology and a traditional turntable setup is a real hands on spectacle for weddings and private parties as I’m not just stood hunched over a laptop pressing buttons. As well as my turntable setup I bring a loud and clear sound system and some tasteful lighting including up-lighting that can be set to fit in with your venues colour scheme.

At many previous parties I have worked with bands, singers, entertainers even guests who want to spin a few tunes, they are always welcome to contact me to use / share the equipment if needed and convenient. I can also help with a mic and speaker for speeches.

I am also used to working alongside wedding photographers and I am happy to liaise with your venues wedding / event planners.

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The Music

Party and event playlists are always bespoke and can be adjusted as the wedding / party develops.

I offer all clients the opportunity to meet face to face to discuss their musical ideas; this meeting is always free with no obligation to book.

With weddings some couples choose to give me a list of significant or sentimental must plays and then leave the rest of the musical choices to me. In this case, I am very experienced at knowing what will make your party work and am therefore happy to be left to work the crowd.

I am also happy to be advised what not to play and who not to take requests from… I’ve come across plenty of mischievous best men in my time.

You are free to contact me as much or as little as you like before the event.

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